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The Provider of Training and Certification Courses in Vermont

         * Wilderness Medicine
         * Avalanche Education
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         * Mountaineering
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Kingdom Adventures Mountain Guides, LLC
275 Mountain Road * East Burke, Vermont 05832
kamountainguides@gmail.com * (802) 274-4112
Hyperlite Mountain Gear - Packs & Accessories

 Kingdom Adventures Mountain Guides is expanding our services to offer a selection of retail items that
 are now available at our on-site location in East Burke Vermont under Kingdom Adventures Mountain

  We work closely with Hyperlite Mountain Gear to offer a selection of ultralight backpacks and accessories. Go to the Store to purchase online or visit us in person at our location in East Burke at 275 Mountain Road. Please contact us for updated 2024 product pricing.


                            Prism Pack $425
                            A superb pack for ice climbers, mountaineers, and backcountry skiers.
                            Available in small, medium, large, and tall sizes. 2400 cubic inches (40 Liters),
                            plus a 214 cubic inch removable lid. 1.82 pounds.

                            Ice Pack - $359
                            A great pack that is up to the challenge of all of your outdoor adventures.
                            Available in small, medium, large, and tall sizes. 2400 cubic inches (40 Liters), 
                            1.76 pounds 

                               Daybreak Pack - $229
                               A lightweight pack that will accommodate all of your gear for day trips on the trail.
                               Available in small, medium, and large sizes. 1400 total cubic inches (17 Liters).
                              1.27 pounds


    Shoulder Pocket - $40
    Add this to your pack to hold your cell phone or GPS device.

    Crampon Bag - $59                                                           Ice Screw Bag
    A lightweight and durable bag to hold your crampons.      Keep your ice screws organized and stored 
                                                                                               in a durable lightweight container.
    Stuff Sacks
    Organize your gear to make things easier to locate. Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Kingdom Adventures Mountain Gear
275 Mountain Road
East Burke, Vermont 05832